Rent Kiln

Interested in creating pieces at your house on your own time? I now rent out my kiln if you bring the pieces to my studio and I will fire your pieces for $25 a kiln, per firing. My kiln shelf is approximately 20″x40″ and you can fit 3 large pieces, up to 12″, 2 medium, and at least 5 small pieces in one firing. If you would choose to get these pieces slumped, that would be an additional $25. Please make sure your pieces are well glued to prevent any shifting in the kiln. My preferred glue is liquid hairspray- it really holds well! If you have any questions, email me –

I can also fire bottles in my kilns as well if you have something special you would like me to flatten. Please bring the bottles to me clean and dry, no paper labels and no liquid on the inside and I can fire them for $15 each. It may depend on kiln availability on how many bottles I can fire for you at one time. If you are thinking of them for holiday gifts, please get them to me as soon as you can early in the year because my kilns are very busy come holiday season!