Recycled Bottle Art, Unique Gifts

Grey Goose cheese boardErica takes recycled bottles and turns them into recycled art! The most popular bottles are Grey Goose, Belvedere, and Absolut which are carefully put in a kiln, slowly heated to temperatures around 1400 degrees, cooled, and turned into functional cheese boards, spoon rests, or ash trays! Please contact Erica if you are interested in a certain bottle. Please keep in mind that PAINTED ON labels, such as those mentioned above can withstand the high temperatures in the kiln, while bottles with paper lables will simply burn off. These make fantastic gifts or simply a great conversation piece to have at home!

Below is a brief video of how Erica creates her recycled bottle art.

Wine Gifts, Unique Gift Idea for Wine Lovers

Belvedere cheese boardLooking for a a unique and one of a kind gift for a wine lover? Purchase the gift that can be used again and again! These 100% recycled gifts are a great addition to any wine connoisseur’s collection. These bottles are transformed at temperatures around 1500 degrees to fully functional cheeseboards, spoon rests or ash trays. Great for a housewarming gift for the couple who loves to entertain! Hand wash only. Click here to order these unique wine lover gifts now!