Fused Glass Art

Blue fused glass bowlErica creates custom fused glass art pieces such as fused glass bowls, fused glass platters, fused glass coasters, and fused glass vases in a variety of colors, shapes, designs and sizes. Each fused glass art object is completely unique. Glass fusing is a wonderful medium for creating fused glass art because it allows design of freedom and a multitude of color combinations. And the fused glass art pieces are useful as well as beautiful.

Fusing Glass to Create Art Objects

Glass fusing is a process of putting glass into a kiln at temperatures around 1500 degrees Fahrenheit (°F). Red fused glass bowlEach piece of glass has a different COE or Coefficient of Expansion which is the rate of expansion and contraction as it heats and cools in a kiln. Thus, when desiging a glass object, it is important to use glass of the same COE. Erica prefers glass with a COE of 90 or 96 which means each piece of glass she uses heats and cools at the same rate so it will not crack. Fused pieces are made by cutting sheet glass to specific shape and size. The glass is then stacked in layers in ceramic molds, often built custom for the object. Each piece then requires a specialized kiln firing schedule depending on the volume of the glass. A single object may be kiln-fired four or more times with grinding and reworking in between. Erica makes fused glass bowls, plates, coasters, platters, and more.

How to Buy or Order Custom Fused Glass Art from Glass by Erica

Several of Erica’s fused glass art pieces are available for sale in the store or you can complete the contact form or call Erica for further assistance with fused glass art or to order fused glass bowls, fused glass platters, fused glass coasters, or fused glass vases.