Dichroic Glass Jewelry, Dichroic Glass Pendants

Purple dichroic pendantsErica creates custom dichroic glass jewelry pieces such as dichroic pendants. Dichroic glass jewelry is made using the same process as fused glass jewelry, but using dichroic glass to create the brilliant, multi-colored piece.

Dichroic glass is glass sprayed with multiple layers of metallic oxides, which reflect colors differently, giving each piece a unique brilliance.

The Inherent Uniqueness of Dichroic Glass Jewelry

No two dichroic pendants are exactly the same in color or the arrangement of colors within the piece. Any color combination can be created using the several transparent and opalescent pieces carefully cut out and laid together in the kiln. White dichroic pendantA piece of dichroic glass can be fused with other glass in multiple firings. Due to variations in the firing process, individual results can never be exactly predicted, so each piece of Erica’s fused dichroic glass jewelry is unique and one of a kind.

Dichroic is a Greek word – "di" meaning "two" and "chroic" meaning "color". So dichroic refers to the glass’ ability to refract light. Depending on the angle at which it is viewed, the dichroic glass pieces will display multiple colors. The colors of the jewelry are spectacular – much deeper, richer and dynamic than the pictures can show. Erica’s dichroic jewelry is made by placing multiple layers of dichroic glass pieces over a base glass and firing them in the kiln.

Making Dichroic Glass Jewelry

Each hand crafted piece of dichroic glass jewelry is carefully cut out and placed into the kiln. The pieces are then slowly heated in a kiln to temperatures around 1400°F. The pieces are then annealed at temperatures around 950°F to relieve internal stresses in the glass. This will prevent the glass from easily cracking in the future. This heating and cooling process can take 10-20 hours depending on the size and thickness of the piece.

How to Buy or Order Custom Dichroic Glass Jewelry and Dichroic Glass Pendants from Glass by Erica

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