Welcome to the New Glass By Erica Website!

Welcome! We hope you like the new look of Glass By Erica! This new site has been in the works for a little while, but I only recently sat down with my good friend, Jess Reilley, from A Mix of Pixels, to figure out exactly what I was looking for in a new site. We spent some time looking over the old site, decided on what we wanted to keep (mostly just content and images) and what we wanted to change (the look and overall feel). So, this is what we came up with! We streamlined the navigation and also cleaned up the gallery. Our next step is to re-design the online store. With the upcoming festivals keeping me busy, we hope to have this launched by August.

One of the new features we added is a calendar for classes and events. I plan on updating this regularly to keep you up-to-date on what craft shows I’ll be attending, as well as my upcoming classes. In addition, we also added a webinar page to give you easy access to online webinars that are happening on Wednesdays throughout the summer.

Let us know what you think! And please contact me if you can’t find something you’re looking for.


Erica July 9, 2013 News